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Breastfeeding Support

Practical and personal help to start breastfeeding and to troubleshoot common breastfeeding challenges.

Options include - One-on-one at public meetings, home or hospital visits and breastfeeding classes.


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​​​Supporting your transition to motherhood

​​​Doula - Childbirth Education - Breastfeeding - Placenta Encapsulation


Personalized preparation, continuous attendance through labor (and birth), postnatal home visits during the early days.

Options include - Labor only for public hospitals, Labor and birth in private hospitals, and bespoke packages.


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Our Services

Childbirth Education

Practical classes - either one-off or in series.  See our Pregnancy Circle details for bite-sized evening classes.

Options include - Dads As Doulas, and Peaceful Caesarian Sections, CalmBirth coming soon!

Your Journey

We focus on creating and supporting your birth journey.  Each birth is unique. How would your like yours to unfold?  Looking for non-judgemental support?Book a free consultation today!

Placenta Encapsulation

Harness the power of your placenta.  Collection from hospital, encapsulation and delivery to Central.

Options include - Raw, steamed, and additional preparations on request.