Molly Grenham - founder

Molly Grenham brings pragmatism and professionalism to pregnancy and birth.  She is known for evidence-based information matched with a strong focus on crafting a personal and empowering experience for couples. 

She is committed to educating new parents on best practices for child birth and early parenthood so they feel confident, empowered, and supported in their chosen approaches during this time of transformation.  Her warm engagement and energetic teaching style illuminate hidden aspects of birth for her clients.

Molly believes that all women should have the opportunity to be attended by a calm, experienced champion.  Whether this is a partner, mother, friend, midwife, doctor or doula, it has been shown that continuous support during labor and birth produces better birth outcomes and higher satisfaction for mothers.

Through years of volunteering breastfeeding support through La Leche League, and hosting mother and baby groups, she continues to support mothers in the months after birth.

Personal Journey

Despite having held a lifelong interest in biology and natural health, Molly sidelined her passion for medicine and healing and opted for a career in project management.  

Her interest in biology was re-ignited during her first pregnancy, where she studied best practices for natural birth. Molly gave birth to her first child in the UK.  She was attended by a doula (and two NHS midwives).  She found having a consistent, personal advocate by her side critical to achieving an unmedicated birth at home, as planned.  The gentle guidance, encouragement and confident support was a powerful reassurance. For her second birth, in Hong Kong, she benefitted from having a midwife (acting as a doula) to guide her and help time her move to the hospital.

She returned to corporate work after the birth of each of her children. Therefore, Molly understands the unique pressures on postpartum women.  After 13 years helping businesses manage large-scale organizational change, Molly pivoted to helping people with their individual transformation to parenthood. 

Molly has breastfed both of her sons. She has been volunteering in Hong Kong for the last 7 years supporting mothers and babies to get started and continue breastfeeding for as long as they want.  

After suffering with anemia, late milk production and mood swings after her first birth, Molly decided to consume her placenta after her second birth as a natural way to increase energy and improve emotions. She was pleased with the positive difference it made to her postpartum energy levels, milk supply and healing time.  She certified as a placenta encapsulation specialist in 2016 and is passionate about educating women of the possible postnatal benefits of this natural resource. 


Mother Nurture HK provides support to pregnant women and new mothers.  Each service aims to maximize a mother’s preparation for and experience of birth and parenting. 

Pearl Chan - back-up doula

Pearl Chan moved to Hong Kong at a young age and is glad to call this city home again after years away. She is passionate about women's health and informed consent, leading her to train to be a doula.

She's delighted to be able to guide and support parents in making informed choices about their pregnancy, birth and post-natal journeys. Her understanding of the cultural nuances in a modern Hong Kong birth makes her a good fit for expat, bilingual or Cantonese speaking families. She is fluent in Cantonese and English. 

She is currently completing her certification and doula services will be provided by Pearl as the lead doula with support from Molly Grenham. Her interests are in evidence-based birth and birthing after trauma.

Personal Journey

Pearl works in film sales and returned to Hong Kong after her studies in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She began her journey as a doula in 2019, training with Mother Wit in Montreal under Leslie Everest. Since returning to Hong Kong, she has begun working with Molly to serve the local community in Hong Kong. 

After an experience at the emergency room in a Hong Kong public hospital, she was faced with the power imbalances in the medical system and became interested in women's health and patient rights. When good friends began starting families, her attention was drawn to working as a doula. Birth-giving is a person's most vulnerable and powerful hour, and she believes that everyone should be able to make an informed choice about how their bodies bring life into the world. 

Pearl continues her work in film where she advocates for filmmakers, focusing on new talent and female filmmakers in an increasingly changing landscape. She is acutely aware of the struggles of the new work economy, especially in terms of work / life balance and entrepreneurship. 

Fluent in Cantonese and English, she hopes to work with more Hong Kong families to dispel myths and have supported and strong births.