Mother Nurture HK Support

Because breastfeeding is a deep passion, Mother Nurture HK offers a great deal of free breastfeeding support for mothers.  Several times a month, you can receive in-person support at a fortnightly La Leche League meeting.  You can reach Molly, as a La Leche League Leader, for help via email or over the phone, if available.  Home or hospital visits are chargeable on request.

If you need to see a certified lactation consultant, you can find a list here.  

There is a lot of buzz about breastfeeding, which translates into pressure for new mothers.  Without the right information and support, new parents may struggle to find the rhythm with nursing.  The early days can be really trying, despite the best preparation.  We provide solid information for the set-up and continuation of breastfeeding.  


We know that mothers fare best if they have taken a breastfeeding class before they give birth.  La Leche League Hong Kong offers an affordable, informative and accessible class for pregnant women and their partner (any supporter).  Click here for details on the course, which offered most months.  Should you prefer a private class, Mother Nurture HK offers bespoke courses to suit your time schedule.  Email us to discuss.

Postnatal Support

We also know that mothers need peer support to normalize nursing in Hong Kong.  Many mothers naturally find like-minded women to help them with some of the practicalities of breastfeeding. Through a variety of non-profit gatherings, Mother Nurture HK facilitates women to share their experiences, find encouragement or guidance when the road gets rough, and helps them to troubleshoot the common challenges faced by nursing mothers.   

Breastfeeding Support

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