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Dads As Doulas Class

Are you lucky enough to have a partner who wants to actively support you during labor?  

Congratulations!  It is ideal for dads-to-be to get involved with birth preparation as early as possible.  While it's called Dads As Doulas, this is a course for anyone willing and able to support a laboring woman for the entire journey.   We find that dads are best placed to protect the laboring mother and provide much of the comfort during labor.     

What will you learn?

During this class, you will learn practical actions to help you both stay calm and manage the process.  These include:

  • A detailed understanding of the Pain Cycle and Comfort Cycle, and how to jump from one to the other
  • How you can manipulate your environment to create a personalized and relaxing space, wherever your labor occurs
  • A fresh perspective on a baby's involvement in birth
  • Insight into the physical and emotional changes that most women experience in labor
  • Supportive ways to engage with a laboring woman
  • How to lead the medical team respectfully
  • Active comfort measures such as massage, movement and easy relaxation techniques
  • The most effective positions for labor and birth

If things don't progress as expected, you will also learn which questions to ask (and how to ask them) to provide you with the best information. Better information allows you to make better decisions in the moment.

What you will not learn

This is not a replacement for an overall prenatal course.  You will need to understand the birth process and your medical options prior to attending this class.


Private class for you and your partner in your home - 2,500 HKD

Semi-private class for you and another couple - 2,250 HKD each

Group class - 2,200 HKD