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Additional charges apply for private classes and breastfeeding home/hospital visits:

- North Hong Kong Island - HKD 150 / visit 
- Kowloon, The Peak, South Hong Kong Island - HKD 250 / visit 
- Outlying Islands and New Territories - HKD 300 / visit 

Pricing for classes will depend on instructor availability, numbers and venue options available.  Please contact us for more details.

Placenta Encapsulation

Travel Fees

Childbirth Education 

Because breastfeeding is a deep passion, Mother Nurture HK offers a great deal of free breastfeeding support for mothers.  See details of these offerings on our Breastfeeding page.  Travel fees apply to home and hospital visits.

For a one-hour breastfeeding support visit, our rate is HKD 880.

In keeping with our primary aim of nurturing and empowering new families, we offer a number of placenta services or personal remedies.  See our Placenta Encapsulation page for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  Prices include collection from hospital and preparation.  Delivery of products to home or hospital carries an additional charge of HKD 500.

Steamed or raw preparation - HKD 4800

Half raw/half steamed preparation - HKD 5000

We offer other preparation options.  Contact us with any questions or requests. 

Breastfeeding Support

Not sure what you want?  Why not arrange a call or meet for a chat to discuss your thoughts for your birth?


Doulas are individuals hired to be your personal advocate and unbroken support for your birth.  They provide evidence-based information, and practical tips to prepare for and manage labour.  During labour and birth, they support you and your partner toward the birth experience you seek through gentle encouragement, reminders and reassurance.  

All women should have the opportunity to be attended by a calm, experienced champion. Whether this is your partner, mother, friend, midwife, doctor or doula, it has been shown that continuous support during labor and birth produces better birth outcomes and higher satisfaction from mothers.

Doulas provide prenatal guidance, attend labor (and birth, where possible), and follow-up with visits to ensure the new family is doing well.

Services & Pricing